Govenor’s Message

The LADIESFUND® network of women and youth is an important one in Pakistan. Women and SMEs are drastically changing the course of our country, directing it towards more stability and prosperity. The Government is always pleased to support and help them empower and educate the women of Pakistan and it is a great honor and privilege for us to Host the 9th LADIESFUND Women’s Awards for Pakistan 2017. I want to take the opportunity to congratulate all the award winners on acknowledgement of their significant role on the huge platform of LADIESFUND Women’s Awards. I can definitely say that the nation is proud of you and you should be proud of yourself.

I firmly believe Pakistan has benefited richly from the contributions of women who have dedicated themselves to business excellence, leadership and helping others succeed. Women are an integral part of any developing and prosperous society. Women and SMEs provide opportunities for economic growth and social development. They play a key role in not only their families and community's progress, but also in the progress and prosperity of a nation. When economically empowered, women can heavily contribute in building a better future for Pakistan.

SME’s are the most idealistic route for women in Pakistan to be empowered and be given the opportunity to utilize their talents and skills. Women can help create a cycle of hope and prosperity if given the chance, and the emerging interest and focus on entrepreneurship in recent years has been highly promising and fruitful in this regard.

Women bring newer ideas, opportunities and enthusiasm for economic development and progressiveness in Pakistan. These attributes and strengths, when paired with entrepreneurial ventures lead to not only equality but also greater opportunities for women, communities and the nation. The LADIESFUND® network is spearheading women excellence and success in Pakistan.

Welcome guests to the Govenor’s House.  Welcome to the 9th LADIESFUND Women’s Awards for Pakistan 2017.